Single Defect Report in South London & Kent

Just concerned about one building defect or problem?

As the name suggests this is a professional inspection of a single defect specified by our client. This might be a defect identified in a Homebuyer Report or Building Survey that a purchaser requires more information about but more commonly our clients already own their buildings and need a defect report to give guidance and information regarding a defect that they have identified.

We can tailor single defect reports to your particular requirements — for instance, some clients are looking for a report to send to their insurance company or a loss adjuster, some to their landlords and some just seek peace of mind. In most cases, it is best to call us and speak with one of our Chartered Surveyors who can discuss your particular requirements and the nature of the defect you need inspecting. We can then give you a quotation for the works required.

The most common building defects that we are asked to inspect and report on are:

  • Dampness in the walls — most commonly rising or penetrating damp.
  • Condensation
  • Structural movement — cracks and possible subsidence
  • Flat roof failures
  • Identifying building components and structural elements
Housing Disrepair Expert Witness Section 11 Condensation

Expert Witness Report – Single Defect in London

Collier Stevens was tasked with conducting an on-site inspection and preparing an Expert Witness Report on behalf of tenants’ legal advisors. The report aimed to ascertain liability for housing disrepair due to severe dampness and extensive condensation damage.

Expert Witness Report – Dampness & Condensation in London

On behalf of tenants legal advisers we were asked to attend site, inspect the property and prepare a CPR35 compliant Expert Witness Report to assist in identifying housing disrepair liability for dampness and some of the worst condensation damage we have seen in our career.

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subsidence caused by tree outside property - single defect report

Expert Witness Report – Single Defect in Kent

Collier Stevens were asked to inspect a bungalow and determine the cause of fracturing to outer walls. The tree had something to do with it…

Defect Assessment – Structural Movement, Kent

On behalf of a Housing Association in Kent we were asked to inspect a bungalow and determine the cause of fracturing to outer walls. Conducting a Witness Expert Report we were able to identify the cause as subsidence caused by the roots of adjacent trees.

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