Homebuyer Report in South London & Kent

Why a Homebuyer Report might be the best survey for your prospective home

A HomeBuyer Report is a Level 2 survey service carried out to a standard template format. Collier Stevens uses the Homesurvey template prepared by the ISVA which is similar to an RICS HomeBuyer Report.

We think that this report is best suited to properties built after 1970, which are of conventional construction and in reasonable condition. It is also more appropriate for flats and apartments in buildings built after 1900.

The report includes the following information:

  • The property’s general condition.
  • Guidance as to the condition of the main parts (the ‘elements’) of the main building, garage and some outside elements.
  • Any significant defects in parts of the property that are accessible, which may affect its value.
  • Urgent and significant matters that need assessing before entering into exchanging contracts, including recommendations for any further specialist inspections.
  • The recommended reinstatement cost for insurance purposes (the anticipated costs of reconstructing a building in the event of damage by an insured risk such as a fire). This is not the same as the market value of the property.
level 2 ISVA Homesurvery in Hythe Kent (equivalent to Homebuyer Report)

ISVA Homebuyer Survey of Period Building in Kent

This Level 2 ISVA Homesurvey was undertaken for a client in Kent who was concerned about both the flat itself, as well as the building as a whole.

First Floor Conversion Flat in a Period Building, Kent

This level 2 ISVA Homesurvey was undertaken for a client who was concerned about the general decorative and maintenance repair of the building as a whole, as well as the standard of conversion and condition relating to obligations under the lease.

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Image of exterior of third floor flat

ISVA Homebuyer Survey of Purpose-built Coastal Flat in Kent

Collier Stevens carried out a Level 2 Building Survey of a purpose-built flat in a modern timber framed structure in an exposed coastal location in Kent.

Purpose-built Third Floor Flat, Kent

Collier Stevens were asked to undertake a Level 2 Building Survey of a purpose-built flat in a modern timber framed structure in an exposed coastal location.

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The ISVA Homesurvey report — like all level 2 surveys — is not a detailed survey of every aspect of the property. The report focuses only on significant and urgent matters. It’s not suitable for many properties built before 1970, those in need of renovation, or if you are planning to carry out structural alterations. To decide the best option for your prospective purchase, call us and talk to a surveyor who will be able to offer you his expertise.

Your surveyor will comment on all parts of a property that are readily accessible, but the surveyor will not inspect areas that are difficult to access. They won’t lift carpets, move furniture, move items stored in the loft or use a ladder to inspect the roof if it is more than one storey up. This report does not include an invasive or destructive investigation. Surveyors are not experts in electrics or plumbing, so they won’t test services such as the wiring, heating and water supply, but they will comment on their visual condition. Often, the report will recommend that an expert examination be undertaken.

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