Full Building Survey in Kent & South London

Why a Building Survey might be the best survey for your prospective home

A level 3 building survey (sometimes referred to as a structural survey) is a detailed and comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties. A building survey will usually run to many 10s of pages and is not based on a standard template. The survey costs more than a Homebuyer Report as the inspection takes much longer and the report is more extensive, providing detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property.  We recommend this report for:

  • All listed buildings.
  • Buildings built before 1970 (but talk to our surveyors first).
  • Any building constructed in an unusual way regardless of its age.
  • Properties that are in a dilapidated condition.
  • Properties with unusual features.
  • Homes and buildings that you are planning to renovate or alter in any way.
  • Houses that have already had extensive alterations.
Building survey of Three bed Semi detached house in Bromley, London

Full Building Survey – Semi Detached House in Bromley

Our client wished to understand the condition of the property and that the structural alteration and extension work had been satisfactorily undertaken.

Full building survey – semi detached house, Bromley

We were advised to conduct a building survey for a semi detached house in Bromley. Our client wished to understand the condition of the property and that the structural alteration and extension work had been satisfactorily undertaken. A detailed full building survey was able to confirm that all structural work was in satisfactory order and that the property was suitable for purchase.

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Building survey of Edwardian house, Hythe Kent

Full Building Survey of Edwardian House in Kent

Our client wished to return this Edwardian property of three self contained flats to a single dwelling.

Full building survey – Edwardian House, Kent

This substantial Edwardian house was converted to three self-contained flats during the 1950s and had not been the subject of any modernisation for at least 30 years. Our client wished to return the house to a single dwelling.

They required a building survey to identify the current structural condition, the scope of structural work necessary to reinstate the property and an assessment of the potential cost of all of the work, including reinstatement to a single dwelling. Our survey identified concerns with the roof, water penetration, the services and asbestos.

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A building survey involves a detailed examination of all accessible parts of a property and can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs and concerns. It includes the following:

  • Identification of major and minor faults affecting the usual performance and use of the building.
  • The implications of any defects and possible cost of repairs.
  • Tests walls for dampness and condensation.
  • Inspects visible and accessible timbers for damage, including woodworm or rot.
  • Comments on the existence and condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (although the latter will not be tested).
  • Identifies structural faults such as subsidence.
  • Extensive technical information on the construction of the property and details about the material used in construction.
  • Information on the location.
  • Provides guidance as to future maintenance.

We will comment on all parts of a property that are readily accessible, with consent and, if possible, we may lift corners of carpets, loose floorboards and inspect inside cupboards, but our surveyors will not move furniture or items stored in the loft. We use standard surveyors ladders which are 3m long so we will not use a ladder to inspect the roof if it’s more than one storey up.

This report can be customised to suit your particular requirements — for instance, you might want to understand how easy an extension will be, or to be sure the home is suitable for a wheelchair user. Providing you ask us in advance of our inspection, we can accommodate most special requests. You may find it helpful to meet our surveyor on site at the end of the inspection. This service is offered on request and without additional cost subject to the agreement of the vendor. Our clients who take advantage of this all say how useful it is to get the information first hand. To decide the best option for your prospective purchase call us and talk to a surveyor who will be able to offer you his expertise.

Our report will give a clear opinion of the building — remember we inspect a house and you are looking at a home — enabling you to make an informed decision. In many cases, our report can help you negotiate the purchase price and often the cost reduction achieved significantly exceeds the cost of the survey.

We are not experts in electrics or plumbing, so won’t test services such as wiring, heating and plumbing. However, we may comment on their visual condition. If we think it is necessary, we will recommend that an expert examination be carried out.

Take a look at one of our building survey Case Studies on a Grade 2 Listed property here, or check out our Advice Hub for more information.

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