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excavating a wine cellar?

Party Wall Agreements for a wine cellar

A wine cellar installation may require party wall notices to be served if any part of the excavation is within 3m of a party wall. Serving the right notice at the right time is crucial, with a floor plan and cross sections needed. If the neighbour fails to respond within 14 days, a party wall agreement is necessary, which requires a surveyor.

cavity wall

Identifying cavity wall insulation problems

Cavity wall insulation is recommended as a means of improving a building’s thermal efficiency. However, not all cavity walls are suitable for insulation. The problem with this process is that it fills the cavity with a material that can allow water in causing dampness and condensation. The installation of retro fit cavity wall insulation is covered by the Building Regulations and must be carried out and designed by a person in a competent installer scheme.

internal damp, rising and penetrating damp

Building surveys vs Specialist Damp Report

As a professional surveying firm, we are frustrated by surveyors who only recommend a “specialist damp report” without identifying the root cause of the issue. These so-called specialists often have their own services to sell, and their reports can be inaccurate and costly. Chartered Building Surveyors are trained to identify the cause of damp and provide effective solutions.