COVID19 – Business Continuity Strategy

Revised 10 April 2020

These are challenging times, and we are navigating choppy waters.  I will be doing everything I can to ensure business continuity, but disruption is inevitable.  We are following government guidance, and our priority is, of course, to look after our staff, clients and visitors well being. We cannot generally make site inspections or carry out surveys in occupied property but we risk assess each situation.  If it is not urgent we shall not do any inspection until restrictions are eased.

The specific Government Guidance relevant to residential survey work is here

I do not expect or wish my team to put themselves at risk, and that means we may make difficult decisions that you may think are an overreaction, I apologise if that is how you feel.

  • Surveys,  site visits or inspections will only be undertaken if government advice is that is safe to do so OR if they are urgent or essential.  We consider essential to include matters of health and safety and security.
  • As from Friday 20 March 2020, all of our staff will be remote working.
  • Staff will have phones, mobiles and computers to enable work to get done, our systems are cloud-based and unaffected.
  • Our email systems and phone service continue to operate.
  • Operating hours will be 9.30 am to 17.00 pm Monday to Friday
  • Post will not be collected regularly from our offices, and the small amount of mail which we do send may be delayed.
  • Reports may take slightly longer to transcribe and dispatch.
  • All face to face meetings are cancelled/postponed or moved to a conference call platform.  Video conference – we are able to use Zoom, Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger of Google Hangouts (Meet).
  • If our staff are self-isolating, please respect that

Our approach to surveying within the guidelines:

  • We risk assess every job on a case by case basis.
  • We ask occupiers or vendors to complete a short questionnaire confirming they are are not quarantined, self-isolating, symptomatic or high risk and are able to vacate during our inspection.
  • We confirm our surveyor is not symptomatic and happy to complete the job.
  • We do ask that doors are left open and dark rooms are lit so that we do not have to use or touch door handles and light switches, unless essential we also do not use the taps and WCs.
  • If we are asked to inspect a defect that is not serious and not urgent and which we agree with you can wait, we think it safer to wait. We will book an appointment with you now for the future.
  • Our surveyors have disposable gloves, carry their own soap, towels and anti-bacterial wipes.

Thank you if you need to talk to me, please do call me.

Please shout at me, not my staff, if these measures cause additional disruption.  By working together we can get stuff done and protect our and public health.

I will update these as relevant

Steven Way

Practice Principal

17 March 2020, rev 2-20 March 2020 rev 3 – 24 March 2020 rev 4 – 10 April 2020  rev 5 – 27 April 2020