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  • The images on this site – collier-stevens.co.uk – are a combination of photographs taken by our own surveyors and licensed / purchased stock photography. Our own photographs are (c) 2019 and should not be used or reproduced without the express consent of Collier Stevens. We may charge a fee for their use either authorised or unauthorised.
  • Photographs are indicative for the narrative they illustrate. They may not represent the exact building described. This is to ensure our clients’ security and privacy. All photographs are properly representative of the narrative and the type of building we inspected or reported upon. If you think we have inadvertently used an unlicensed image, please contact us.
  • All of the examples of our work are genuine instructions. The locations are however non-specific, again to ensure our clients’ privacy.
  • All and any indication of our scale of charges and fees is indicative only and made in January 2019. They represent a typical cost. Our charges vary on an instruction by instruction basis dependent on the scope or work requested, special requirements, locality, and the value and type of property you need assistance with. Our fees and charges may be less or greater than any referred to on this website and in our blog posts. Call us for an exact quotation.