Don’t put off minor building repairs – 79p now or £1,000 then?

That pesky missing gutter end cap, you know the 79p part that push fits onto the gutter if only you could be bothered to go up the ladder. The one you remember every time it rains and the gutter just cascades. Hardly worth it really is it?

Well, this is what we found on a house we looked at last week with a missing end cap. The gutter water had dripped down the front elevation where it then landed on a telephone junction box, from where it splashed back up the wall.

Left unchecked, we guess for well over a year,  the problem is now complicated, the soft red bricks have become saturated and started to fail and, of course there is now internal penetrating damp (something we are often asked to survey for clients).

Repairs will be necessary to the brickwork – cutting out and replacing the failed bricks, internally the plaster will need to be hacked off and replaced and then of course the room redecorated. Cost, we reckon at least a grand, and if it’s not done soon it’s going to get a whole lot worse.  And the 79p end cap will need to be replaced.

Don’t put off that 79p job – it’ll probably be the best investment you’ll ever make.

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(Originally published by Steve Way, 18 January 2010)