Party Wall Agreements for a wine cellar

An interesting party wall query this week involving a wine cellar.

Spiral Cellars
Image courtesy of Spiral Cellars –

Spiral Cellars manufacture a pre-fabricated, circular wine cellar that can be dropped to a pre-formed hole in the ground, typically 2300mm in diameter and at least that deep. So, what that means is that if any part of the excavations is within 3m of a party wall then the provisions of section 6 will apply. In the case of a Victorian terraced house this may mean that both sides will need a notice.

It is important that the right notices are served at the right time – at least one month before you intend to start your installation. A valid notice will need to include a floor plan and cross sections through the excavation so you will need to liaise either directly with the manufacturer or installer to get these details.

It is quite straightforward to serve the notice yourself if you have all of the right information. We have a suitable party wall notice template free for use and our party wall flow chart below should also help.


After serving your notice, your neighbour will have 14 days to respond otherwise they’re deemed to have dissented from your work and you will need a party wall agreement. This is not a do it yourself process and you will need a surveyor. Your neighbour will also appoint a surveyor at your cost.

We recommend that for works of a relatively straightforward nature such as this that your prepare the party wall notices and serve them personally – best take round a bottle of the wine you need for the cellar for!

If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can offer you two options – just preparing the notices for you, or doing the whole thing from party wall notice to party wall agreement. The work falls inside the criteria for our low cost fixed fee service.

Need some help? Not sure what is best? Give us a call, we don’t bite!

(Originally published by Steven Way, 8 June 2012)