Cost effective (not cheap!) Party Wall Awards

Our fixed fee party wall awards continue to be a popular choice confirming our view that there was a market for a cost effective solution to party wall agreements for householders carrying out works of a simple nature – things like extensions and loft conversions.

So, do you get a proper professional party wall service from us? Yes, our fee covers everything from the preparation and service of the party wall notices through to serving the party wall award or agreement. If you need us after that we bill additionally, but this should not be necessary if the work is carried out properly.

All work is either done by a Chartered Surveyor or overseen and signed off by a Chartered Surveyor. The whole process is quality assurance certified to ISO9002 and is properly insured. As Chartered Surveyors we are regulated by the RICS.

Our low price fixed fee service is limited to rear and side extensions, loft conversions, removal of chimney breasts, etc. It won’t be suitable for underpinning, basement construction and other works of major intervention – these need far more professional involvement to get them right.

The whole service is slightly no frills. Nearly everything is done online and we will charge extra if we need to make additional site visits or get documents from the Land Registry (you can do that bit yourself).

Our service should be considered as a cost effective rather than cheap party wall award service. Some years ago we carefully looked at what was on offer and what was actually required. We looked at where efficiencies could be made and concluded that spending two grand on surveyors fees is disproportionate to a small job with a value of say £15k. So, we came up with our fixed fee service which is available in London and Kent.

If you need a fixed quote for your work either call us to discuss or complete our online quote and enquiry form.