Surveying Homes in Dungeness

As local Chartered Surveyors we’ve done a number of building surveys and reports in Dungeness where most of the homes and properties are quite strange or unique as is the environment. Set in a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Bird Reserve it is no surprise that Dungeness is used as the location for Doctor Who and other out of this world programmes.

It is a special place and so are the properties, nothing ordinary there with buildings of asbestos, homes formed from converted railway carriages, a rubber clad house as well as timber properties like Derek Jarman’s old house. If you are thinking of moving there then a building survey is essential and the construction of the homes means that a Homebuyer report is simply not appropriate.

Oh and overlooking the whole lot and with a background hum is a nuclear power station. Access by one road in and the same road out or by steam train on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.

The quantity of asbestos in the buildings there is quite extraordinary though – photo below of an asbestos garage – just imagine a two bedroom house made of this and like this and you’re there.

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What seems to be a common them at Dungeness is desire to improve or replace the buildings that are there. We always send clients back to speak to the planning department at the local authority – in this case Folkestone and Hythe – to discuss what planning permission or consent may be granted for.

We thought it would be useful to link to the guidance (Built Environment and the Conservation Area Appraisal) on the Folkestone and Hythe Planning website which gives an overview of the council’s approach to planning, redevelopment and renewal in or on Dungeness.

There are very few normal buildings in Dungeness, with modern alternates like the rubber house rubbing alongside old huts made of railway carriages, sticky tape, asbestos and lard. OK, not lard, but you get the idea. If you’re thinking of buying a home here we think you should take professional advice. You should use a surveyor who knows the area and knows the unusual nature of the buildings, and we think that might be use! If you need a survey get in touch with us we will be pleased to help or complete the quick form below and we will get back to you.

(Originally published by Steven Way, 10 November 2011 – updated 10 Jaunary 2018)

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