Accessible parking spaces

Accessible parking spaces always seem to be the space that doesn’t get used the most, so often end up being the space that’s used by caretakers and property managers for all sorts of purposes. Like, for instance, this generator!

Generator on Accessible Parking Space

Unfortunately, there is no requirement to keep these spaces available after they have been provided and when we carry out an Access Audit, we often see them used for wheelie bins.

Not only should these spaces be left clear, but it is also important to make sure that their size is correct and that they are adequately signposted from the point of entry to a car park. The opening area hatches do not have to be on both sides of the space but should be on the driver’s side for the first space and alternate sides thereafter. Common mistakes include locating the space next to a column or too far from the entrance to a building.

An extract from BS8300 is shown below:

The information in this article is for guidance only. There is no substitute for advice specific to your situation. If this is an old post, the law may have changed since it was written.

(Originally published by Steve Way, 22 February 2011)