Advice Hub: Woodworm

If you have wood in your property, which is highly likely, you are at risk of woodworm. Woodworm is the larvae of many species of beetle and its staple diet is wood. This could be the timber joists in the roofing, wood beams in your period property, or wooden window frames or doors. It's something every home owner should be aware of. These articles look at the problems caused by woodworm and what we have come across in our surveys as Chartered Surveyors.

defective and broken sash window in need of repair, timber decay

Buying a house with sash windows?

Double hung timber sash windows look great on older or period homes, but they can be draughty and offer poor thermal performance, assuming you want to keep them and not replace them with modern double glazed units (we wouldn’t unless they look the part!). Then there are a number of things to keep your eyes open for when you are viewing. There are many defects that will reduce the life and performance of the window and require expenditure to correct.… Read more...