Advice Hub: Timber

Timber decay is a common problem we find on properties with a lot of exterior woodwork, especially in locations where they might be subject to extreme weather conditions, such as on the coast. We also see it internally where there might be a problem with damp or woodworm. These articles look at the problems we find, as well as their causes and how a property owner can prevent them.

defective and broken sash window in need of repair, timber decay

Buying a house with sash windows?

Sash windows are a beautiful addition to older or period homes, but they can be draughty and offer poor thermal performance. If you want to keep them, there are many defects that will reduce their life. If replacement is needed, current building regulations require double glazed units. Homeowners with listed properties should consult with the local authority before making any changes.
internal damp, rising and penetrating damp

Building surveys vs Specialist Damp Report

As a professional surveying firm, we are frustrated by surveyors who only recommend a "specialist damp report" without identifying the root cause of the issue. These so-called specialists often have their own services to sell, and their reports can be inaccurate and costly. Chartered Building Surveyors are trained to identify the cause of damp and provide effective solutions.