Advice Hub: Surveys

Building surveying is the largest service provided by Collier Stevens to residential clients. These articles look at the wide variety of surveys we undertake from homebuyer reports (ISVA Level 2), full building surveys and single defect surveys.The articles consider common problems we find and also advice for homeowners on how they can prevent problems from arising in their property. There's advice about the importance of undertaking a survey when you buy a property and the true value they provide - especially if having a survey undertaken can save thousands of pounds on the asking price.

Asbestos health risks image

Asbestos in houses

Asbestos is identified in quite a few of the properties in which we undertake surveys. We particularly find it in those houses that were built between 1930 and 1980 and older flat conversions. Asbestos can appear in the most unlikelyFind out more

surveying during corona virus

Surveying during Coronavirus

Are surveyors and valuers still doing surveys during the UK lockdown caused by COVID-19? Yes. Government guidelines permit surveyors to carry on surveying and inspecting houses during the COVID-19 crisis. What do the Government guidelines for surveyors say? The guidanceFind out more