Advice Hub: Project management

Undertaking a building project can be a significant undertaking and needs to be managed properly. The principles of project management remain the same whether it is commercial or domestic building work. Our articles help readers understand the requirements of their works and how project management can help ensure all relevant legal and regulatory tick boxes are met and that your project can run smoothly.

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When garden walls lean, collapse and go bad

When was the last time you checked your garden walls or if you are buying had a look to see what the walls are like? The cost of repair or replacement of brick and masonry garden walls can be considerable – the most recent wall reconstruction that we managed on behalf of a client cost over £10,000 for a 14m run of brick and block retaining wall on new footings and it wasn’t that high!  Sometimes the cost of repair … Read more...

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Choosing a builder and building contract

Whilst taking a schedule of condition, I was asked “How do I choose a contractor?” We also ended up discussing best practice for minimising risk and helping to get a project finished on time and on budget. It made me think others would probably need to know the answers to this, so, here are our top tips for choosing a building contractor, using a building contract and setting up a small residential building project.

Building work to a house - project management

Finding a building contractor

Finding …