Advice Hub: Floors

Floors come in all types of materials - concrete base, boarded, tiled, carpeted, solid wood, engineered wood. Our articles look at the problems associated with floors, including dry rot in wood flooring, and also the considerations you need to take with flooring when building a loft or basement conversion.

Image inside basement undergoing renovation

Can I add a basement to my property?

Adding a basement to your property can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a bigger house or expanding upward, and is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. It's important to use a reputable firm and to employ chartered architects and structural engineers who are experienced. Additionally, obtaining party wall agreement, decent insurance, planning permission, and building regulation approval are necessary steps for a successful basement project.
internal damp, rising and penetrating damp

Building surveys vs Specialist Damp Report

As a professional surveying firm, we are frustrated by surveyors who only recommend a "specialist damp report" without identifying the root cause of the issue. These so-called specialists often have their own services to sell, and their reports can be inaccurate and costly. Chartered Building Surveyors are trained to identify the cause of damp and provide effective solutions.