Advice Hub: Disabled access

It is law to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to ensure property is accessible for disabled people. And this isn't just about wheelchair access. There are many building regulations around what is required for visually impaired and blind people. We undertake many disabled access surveys, usually for commercial clients, to ensure their buildings and public spaces comply with the law. We have seen many mistakes and also a lot of success stories and variety of these are highlighted in our articles here, along with some more informative pieces about what is required by the law.

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Getting accessibility right

Paving and parking

Making sure that access to the built environment works for disabled people can be a minefield for building companies or contractors who have not had the relevant training and are simply completing works according to architect’s drawings or to their own design. In our experience it is always a problem when final, detailed, design is left to a contractor to sort out and they very often get it wrong.

As a firm of Chartered Surveyor experienced in … Read more...

corduroy paving at top of steps

Tactile Paving – Guidance for improving disabled access

Ever wondered whether there was a reason for those texture paving surfaces you see in the pavement and near steps? The answer is, of course, yes. These tactile surfaces – typically corduroy or blisters are used to designate essential information about the built environment to those with visual impairments and to improve disabled access.

Used properly tactile paving provide lots of information about where to cross road, where hazards are and where the top and bottom of steps might be. … Read more...

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Colour contrasts – designing for the visually impaired

One of the things that we look for when we are carrying out an access audit is the colour contrast between building elements – for instance walls and floors – which if done well can make a significant difference to the usability of a building by the visually impaired. It extends to other areas such as doors and you are probably familiar with a contrasted stair nosing – provided to make it clear where the edge of the step is. … Read more...

accessible parking space - dimensions dda audit

Accessible parking spaces

Accessible parking spaces always seem to be the space that doesn’t get used the most, so often end up being the space that’s used by caretakers and property managers for all sorts of purposes. Like, for instance, this generator!

Unfortunately, there is no requirement to keep these spaces available after they have been provided and when we carry out an Access Audit, we often see them used for wheelie bins.

Not only should these spaces be left clear, but … Read more...