Advice Hub: Asbestos

Has my house got asbestos in it? We are often asked this question by concerned house buyers or those who have requested a survey prior to beginning renovation work on a property. Well, the chances are it has. The use of asbestos in new builds was not made illegal until 1999. Previously, blue and brown asbestos was banned in 1985. Though asbestos is known to cause cancer, people should not live in fear in their homes. As long as it is left alone and is not deteriorating, it poses no danger - but if you are planning renovation work there are things you must consider. Take a look at our articles which advise where you might find asbestos in your property and what you should do about it.

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Asbestos in houses

Asbestos is identified in quite a few of the properties in which we undertake surveys. We particularly find it in those houses that were built between 1930 and 1980 and older flat conversions. Asbestos can appear in the most unlikelyFind out more