Author: Steven-Way

Gallows Bracket

When should gallows brackets be used?

Gallows brackets are supports made of steel or iron that provide support for a remaining chimney breast or stack when removing an internal chimney breast. They are used in pairs and should be used when there is no steel beam. They must be attached to a party wall and cannot be used if the supporting wall's brickwork or mortar is in poor condition. It's essential to get the brackets and fixings designed by a structural engineer and obtain building regulation approval.
student questionnaire for surveyors

Advice for students undertaking questionnaires for their dissertations

Final year construction and surveying students often send unsolicited email requests to building professionals to complete surveys for their dissertations. However, many of these requests have errors, and many professionals choose to ignore them. To help students, professionals suggest a 12-point guide for requesting a response to a survey. This guide includes investing enough time to write a survey and email, researching email marketing, and making the email and survey look professional.
surveying during corona virus

Surveying during Coronavirus

Despite the COVID-19 lockdown, surveyors and valuers are still able to carry out surveys and inspections in accordance with government guidelines. Surveyors are advised not to conduct non-urgent surveys in homes where people are in residence, but may carry out urgent surveys on empty properties or those where the occupants are following the guidance. Safety measures are in place, such as using PPE, to ensure the safety of staff, clients, and occupants.