Author: Daisy Abraham

detached new build house with a car and 2 "sold" signs outside

Snagging Survey vs Building Survey for new builds – What are the differences?

Buyers of new-build properties often skip building surveys, assuming perfection. However, issues, from minor flaws to safety concerns, can arise. Developers may overlook important details. Specialised snagging surveys offer a solution. They cost around £650 for a typical three-bedroom property and can uncover hidden problems. Full building surveys are rarely needed for new builds unless unique features or renovations are involved.
top down view or the roof of a house

A Guide to Roof Surveys – What is included?

Roof surveys address various issues, including leaks, structural damage, and insurance claims. They cover roof problems, chimney issues, and more. They involve visual inspections from the ground or the use of licensed drones. Interior assessments are made through safe access points. Regular homeowner checks are advised to detect problems early as timely surveys can prevent costly damage and repairs.